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Anthony Trimino

California Governor - Candidate

Anthony Trimino profile image

United we stand, together we rise!

This isn’t about politics, this is about a better future for our children


I believe we are in a battle—for our souls, our soil and our liberties. We may be divided, but we don’t have to remain that way. We can unite against those in office who continue to drive a wedge between communities, classes and cultures through the misuse of power, influence and fear.

I’m coming to wage war against those who have unlawfully taken our freedoms, abused their power and caused irreversible harm to California families and businesses.

Anthony Trimino for California Governor 2022

While this may be his first political campaign, his family has a rich history of looking ahead to build a better future—without the overreaching involvement of government.

As CEO and founder of one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America and contributing member of the Forbes Agency Council, Anthony has a unique approach to bringing a diverse group of people, ideas and perspectives together to build solutions that address and overcome complex challenges facing California like the cost of living, modernization of the education system, post statewide shutdown recovery of businesses, homelessness crisis, healthcare, water, fire resources in our local communities.

WHY I am running for CA GOVERNOR 2022
Anthony Trimino at Freedom Revival San Diego


Like so many, my grandparents came to California to secure a better life for their children. I’m running to ensure the next generation has access to the same promise.