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Pastor Brian Hawkins

California's 25th Congressional District - Candidate

I’m not going to D.C. to make friends, I’m going to be there to make a difference, for you, your family, small businesses, and your livelihoods! This isn’t a liberal or a conservative thing… this is an American thing. Help me and take your voice to D.C. to support my campaign and let’s make a difference together.


Watch our viral launch video showcasing who Brian Hawkins is and what he stands for in his fight for America!

Pastor Brian Hawkins for US Congress


I support the police, and we need them active in our communities now more than ever with crime rates rising.


Our school systems are ranked 42nd in the nation! This is unacceptable along with the curriculum they’re teaching.


43% of California Residents can’t afford to live in California, and with rising inflation rates we’re doomed!