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    Make California Gold Again is about taking back the beautiful state of California and making it more beautiful than it has ever been before! Make California Gold Again is about redeeming every aspect of this state- spiritually, financially, educationally, socially- and turning it GOLD- prosperous & thriving! 

    Sarah Stephens ran for Governor in the recall election in 2021 and through the support of her husband Daniel, former police officer and veteran, the vision for Make California Gold Again was birthed! This couple has served together on the front lines for freedom and would give up anything for this Nation. 

    The Make California Gold Again website is specifically designed for the Californian, the patriot, who wants to take a stand for God & freedom and connect with others who believe the same! This site serves as a hub for the patriots so they can connect with candidates, churches, businesses, non-profits, media outlets, communities and more!  

    Find your place at Make California Gold Again and become a part of the MCGA family! Together we will Make California Gold Again! Let’s make history and turn California once again- into the most desired state in the Nation!