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Patriot Movements

Freedom Revival –
Rise. Restore. Reclaim

Rise: As a nation living in unchartered territory, knocked down in fear: United we will rise together, stronger than before.
Restore: As a nation divided by lies, deceivers took control: United we will restore our families, communities and counties. 
Reclaim: As a nation ruled by a few, we gave away our power and liberties: United we will reclaim our authority.

Educate. Empower. Vote for your Faith over fear.

A 501c4 Org. Latinos can change CA and the USA
Here at LEXIT, we are dedicated to showing Latinos and Hispanics that they don’t have to vote democrat because of their skin color.
We believe in the traditional founding values that our forefathers envisioned when they fled British tyranny from King George in order to worship God freely.
Our goal is to continue what our forefathers envisioned and bring strength back to Latinos and Hispanics through conservative values.

Hollywood 4 Freedom

We are a family of film and television industry professionals uniting in the name of freedom! We will not comply to woke-propaganda, unconstitutional mandates or tyrannical governments. Our mission is to create quality, heart-driven content, that targets the soul of our viewers through stories that engage the mind and uplift the spirit.

Unity Project Logo

Working together to STOP COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates for Healthy Children

The Unity Project was formed to unite vast numbers of independent groups statewide into a powerful force of concerned citizens that is well-resourced, well-coordinated with streamlined communication and propelled by strong execution across the state.  The Unity Project is humbly serving as a catalyst to amplify the good work of its strategic partners and magnify and support the best strategies being driven by the most experienced and effective groups in the space.
We are here to serve you!