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Angela Underwood Jacobs

CA Lieutenant Governor - Candidate

Let’s restore integrity to California

About Angela

Angela Underwood Jacobs is running to be the first African-American woman to serve as California’s Lieutenant Governor.

The Lieutenant Governor has an important role in California, providing oversight to the Governor and Legislature. Find out more about the office of the Lieutenant Governor here.

Angela Underwood Jacobs was born and raised in California. She loves our Golden State, but has watched it become more dysfunctional in recent years. Rising crime, homelessness, and high energy, gas and water bills have made it hard to survive in California. Angela will reduce gas prices, lower water bills, and solve our housing affordability crisis.

She is a wife, mother, and dedicated public servant. Angela has served as a City Councilwoman and the Deputy Mayor of Lancaster, California, in Los Angeles County. She started working as a bank teller as a young woman, working her way up to her current job of regional manager. As a community banker, Angela helps people live their California Dream – purchase their first home, receive a loan to launch a small business, and educating them to save and invest for retirement.

Angela cares about her community. She volunteers her time as a Criminal Justice Commissioner; Honorary Board Member for the Children’s Center of The Antelope Valley; Vice Chair of Antelope Valley Hospital Advisory Committee on Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug Prevention for Minors; Board Member for the Antelope Valley Transit Authority; and Board Member of the Antelope Valley Board of Trade, where she advocates for small business owners.

Angela’s top priority is reducing crime. Her brother, Dave Patrick Underwood, was killed in a drive-by shooting while serving as a federal law enforcement officer guarding a federal courthouse in 2020. The pain of that loss drives Angela to serve; she knows that crime is out of control and action must be taken to make our streets safe again.

She knows that California needs new leadership. Our current Lieutenant Governor is a Sacramento politician who is out-of-step with California’s working families. As an ally of Governor Gavin Newsom, the current Lieutenant Governor has stood by as California’s crime has surged, homelessness gets worse, and our economy deteriorates.

The time to save California is now. Vote for Angela Underwood Jacobs and help fix our Golden State.

What does the Lieutenant Governor do?

Under California’s Constitution, the Lieutenant Governor serves as Acting Governor whenever the Governor is absent from the state, and automatically becomes Governor if a vacancy occurs in the Office of Governor. The Lieutenant Governor is also President of the Senate and votes in case of a tie.

The Lieutenant Governor serves as a voting member of the Board of Regents of the University of California, the Board of Trustees of the California State University system, and the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges system. The Lieutenant Governor also sits on the Calbright College Board of Trustees.

The Lieutenant Governor also serves on, and rotates with the State Controller, as chair of the three-member State Lands Commission, which oversees the control and leasing of millions of acres of state-owned land, including offshore oil resources, as well as use and permitting for all navigable waterways in California. The Commission also manages state land-use planning and revenues, and related interstate issues. During alternate years, when the Lieutenant Governor serves as Chairperson of the State Lands Commission, she also serves as a member of the California Ocean Protection Council and as a non-voting member of the California Coastal Commission.

In addition, under state statutes, the Lieutenant Governor chairs the California Commission for Economic Development, which provides support and guidance to the Governor, Legislature and private sector regarding the development of California’s economy.


  • Lower Taxes
  • Improve Public Safety
  • Reducing Homelessness
  • Address the Water Crisis
  • Reform our Unemployment System
  • Fix the Housing Crisis
  • Make Government Work
  • Putting Kids and Parents First

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