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Corbin Sabol

California Assembly District 79 – Candidate

Fighting to transfer power from Sacramento and back to the people

Transfering Power To The People

Power is the ability to make the decision and people are empowered when they, combined with government closest to them, not distant Sacramento politicians, make the decisions. The State of California must support the people and their local governments with the tools, funding and resources they need, not attempt to rule over them. Power must be returned to local governments at every possible opportunity.

Helping The Homeless Population

We must support local programs that currently exist that are addressing mental health and substance abuse in order to break the cycle of homelessness. We must consult with our mental health experts, utilize existing structures and create new structures so law enforcement can do their job. We must think outside the box to solve this problem, such as creating communities for the homeless population to live in so they can get back on their feet and reenter society on their own terms.

Making The Cost Of Living Afforadable

It costs too much money to pay for the roofs over our heads, but that is just one part of a bigger problem, the high cost of living in this state. We are over taxed and over regulated. We must reduce excessive taxes and regulations such as the gas tax. Government, despite some elected officials most noble desires to solve everyone’s problems, is actually a direct barrier which hinder the people’s ability to thrive, be prosperous and financially independent.

Vote to preserve your POWER!

β€œIt is no longer about the left versus right contention we are so familiar with but instead, the battle for power and who possesses it. The time is now to transfer power back to the people.” -Corbin Sabol

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