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 Jonathan Peck

San Diego County Sheriff - Candidate

Joanathan Peck Profile Picture

Protecting and Serving San Diego for Future Generations.

The Watchman on the wall​ sounding the Alarm

I am a law enforcement officer with 19 years of experience. I worked my first five years in Los Angeles County, and the last 14 years in San Diego County working closely with Sheriff’s Deputies. Presently I drive a patrol car every day protecting, serving and helping the people of San Diego County.

I tell my children that if we want things to be better, good people need to step up and take leadership roles. I realized I needed to run for Sheriff to model that principle I taught my children. To protect my family and the people of my community I needed to respond to the call for action. With that in mind, We can achieve all these things together, Please vote for me, Jonathan Peck for San Diego County Sheriff.

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