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Michael McMahon

Assembly District 41 Candidate

Family, Freedom, and Accountability

I am NOT a politician. I’m a 14 year veteran of the largest police department in southern California, the co-founder of a medical freedom coalition, and a father, These extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, and it’s common men and women, like myself, like the framers of the constitution intended, who are forced to take up the mantle, to don the Armor of God, and fight off the evil in this world for the betterment of all. I have a personal stake in this game. I fight because I want to be a man that my children can look up to, and when they reflect back to these unprecedented times, say, “he did everything he could for us.” It’s time to reclaim California for our future generations to prosper in.

On June 7th, I respectfully ask for your WRITE-IN vote on the ballot. Help me to move through the primary election and onto the November general.