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Mitch Clemmons

California Senate District 30 – Candidate


The Issues:

I will help craft legislation that can help our communities more effectively and compassionately deal with homelessness while providing real solutions to help them be successful and productive in our society.

I am pro law enforcement and will work to support our Sheriffs and Police. I will work to reverse the harmful effects of Prop 47.

Inflation and Taxes
I will work to provide relief to California tax payers by advocating and working toward reducing the wasteful spending in government, reducing taxes, and cutting business killing regulations. In these times we need a lean and efficient government that is pro business in order to help our communities thrive and help the citizens have opportunities for success.

I am an advocate of, and will work tirelessly for the rights of parents to direct their child’s education.
I am an advocate of the California School Choice voter initiative. This will allow all parents to choose the best path in education for their student, it will create competition and therefore better options in education, and it will empower our students to excel.

The Border
We should have a secure border, while at the same time we need to couple that with immigration reform. We need to fix the system so that families that are here, working, being responsible, and contributing to our society have a legal means of living and working here. We need to make it easier to deport those that are here committing crimes and harming our society. And lastly, we need to have a more robust and transparent vetting process to that we know who everyone is that we allow in.

Election Integrity
All voters want their vote to count. We need to have real and open conversations about the state of our election system in California, where the problems are, and what we can do to make sure our elections are more secure, for the benefit of the voter.

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