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Patrick Gipson

Congress District 30 Candidate

Patrick Gibson

There is only one way we will transform this district – and that is together

I am running for Congress not only for my family and my friends but for YOUR family and friends. I am running to protect children’s and parental rights. I’m running for the homeless families that need that helping hand when hope of help seems too frail. I am running to oppose career politicians who blatantly take advantage of our rights, claiming that they know what’s good for us. I am running to oppose these illegal mandates and government overreach of our God-given freedoms that have compromised our freedom to choose.

I am also here to stand with small businesses that struggle daily to build the American Dream and provide for their families. Inflation during this time has not made it any easier to accomplish that, but we are ready to bring solutions to the table. I know exactly what it takes to start from humble beginnings to obtain the American Dream, service to your country and its citizens. Do you know how many small businesses that were shut down during the past two years will never open their doors again?!?

We all deserve our voices to be heard. I fully desire to represent my constituents and to serve them wholeheartedly with the intention to foster positive advancements within our communities. I have no personal agenda. I am not a puppet for any corporation nor do I have a hidden agenda. As a Deputy Sheriff who served over 23 years, I understood the importance of fairness and cooperation, listening to those whom I served. I did see the worst aspects of humanity, but that did not take away from all the good I witnessed when there wasn’t any special coverage on the biased news stations.

I am here standing with the millions of hardworking Americans that have had enough! I’m here to promote unity for the American people. We are all shouting at the top of our lungs for this change. It is time to rise up and reclaim our nation, under God, indivisible, for liberty and justice for all!