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Siaka Massaquoi 

California District Assembly 43 - Candidate

Siaka Massaquoi profile picture

Faith, Family and Freedom 

Current Profession: Producer, actor, small business owner

As a first generation American, born to an immigrant single-mother, I understand the value of respecting our founding liberties and the importance of instituting common sense policies for our communities. I understand the value of safety, parental rights, freedom of choice, lower taxes, and all workers as essential. California’s quality of life and once rich job opportunity landscape has been on a downward trajectory for decades.

However, the policies of the one-party rule have dramatically made matters worse, and you don’t have to look far to see the results for yourself. Violent crime is up by 86%, homicides up 46%, homeless is up by 20%, despite spending billions on the issue, California leads the nation with the highest gas prices and taxes as well. It’s time to turn California around, my sole purpose is to give the California citizen what has been deprived to them for far too long- a fighting chance at the California dream.

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Siaka Massaquoi has been an actor in Hollywood for over 15 years. During 2020 Siaka saw all the chaos and lies being told to the country and started speaking out. During the summer of 2020, Siaka got involved in the Trump rallies in Beverly Hills and took to the California recall of Gavin Newsome.  Thanks to Judicial Watch’s freedom of information act request, Siaka found out he was on a secret list by the Secretary of State to censor him on social media.  Like many Americans, Siaka was raided by the FBI for just being in DC on January 6th, no charges were ever filed.  Siaka has been featured on Prageru, OAN, American Faith Network, Newsmax and the Babylon Bee podcast.  

Siaka currently aims to create the society-enriching content America is starving for through his work as a writer, actor producer and founding member of both the sketch comedy show WhatTheFact, “What the Fact – It’s just comedy,” find it on rumble, and Hollywood 4 Freedom, where he, and others, are building a place for artists to create without the threat of being cancelled- A New Hollywood. 

In 2022, Siaka finally heeded his own advice to run for local office recognizing that today is the day of the dutiful citizen once again. He officially put his name in the hat and is now running for California State Assembly, District 43. ( 

You can support Siaka at the ballot box or: