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Vincent Tsai

California Senate District 22 - Candidate

Vincent Tsai Profile Picture

Tsai’s my Guy

I’m a father and husband first and foremost.  I serve my community as a law enforcement officer with the LA County Sheriff’s Department, and I look forward to serving my district as State Senator with your support.

I am a strong believer in the United States and California Constitutions. The power resides in the people and the government’s function is to serve the people.

I’m fighting for our right to choose what medical treatments we give to our children and to ourselves. We also have the right to medical privacy. I’m against these bills being proposed that violate these rights:

My Top 3 Priorities

  • Protection of our right to medical freedom
  • Stopping the Chinese Communist Party Influence
  • Defending our 2nd Amendment Rights

•SB 866: Allows children 12+ to vaccinate without parental consent or knowledge.

•SB 871: Mandates Covid vaccine to attend in person schooling and removes previously approved medical and religious exemptions.

•SB 1479: Requires schools to continue Covid testing.

•AB 1993: Mandates Covid vaccines for employees and independent contractors in order to work.

•AB 1797: Development of a state immunization registry.

•AB 2098: Disciplines doctors for sharing Covid “misinformation.”

I have been a peace officer with the LA County Sheriff’s Department for about 3 years. Prior to working as a law enforcement officer, I worked in the health and fitness industry.

I am a NRA certified Firearms Instructor

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